Solar Electric Fence Charger

People will use an electric fence for several different purposes. In some cases you will find them surrounding large acres of land that is used for farms. The fence has been constructed as a way to keep trespassers out and to keep their livestock and livelihood from escaping.

These are the much larger fences that are used and will also be placed in front of businesses and large manufacturing companies as a way to keep their places protected from thieves. There are some rare instances in which you will find these fences in front of residential homes. The people will use them to contain any dogs or cats that they have and to protect their home from thieves.

In order for the solar electric fence to work properly it requires one main accessory – the charger. This is the solar panel that is placed on the top of the fence and is used to capture the power it needs in order to run. There are both large and small chargers that can be used depending on the size fence that you have.

Charger For Small Fences

If you have a small fence than you will only need a small solar electric fence charger. These are more commonly used for five acre fences that are trying to contain their small pets. It costs around $40 and provides the fence with plenty of power. Usually only one or even two will be enough to provide it with enough power to last throughout the whole day. The electric charge is effective at keeping the pets away from the fence – but not enough to hurt them.

Charger For Large Fences

For the larger fences you are going to need something that is large enough to power each part of it. These will cost around $150 for each one. In order to keep the fence properly charged throughout the whole day you may need to purchase more then one of these. Each one will need to be placed in an area that is free of trees and weeds that will grow over it and keep it from capturing the sun’s rays.

There are some months in which it is constantly raining or overcast. To make up for this the chargers are designed to function without sunlight for at least two weeks. Installing these will depend on what type you purchase. Most are designed for round posts, T-posts, Y-posts, flat surfaces, and to be mounted on the side.

When the electrical current is turned on the fence charger will flash a red light to warn people. It’s compact design and digital timing makes it easy to use.