How To Make Solar Electric Fences

Traditional fences look great around our home and business – but they are not as effective at keeping people out. It is easy enough for them to jump over the top of it or break through it. If you are going to invest in something to protect your home and business than why not use the more modern electric fence.

The only problem that people will have with this fence is the amount of money it will cost to only set it up – but to keep it running each month. The only way to cut down on those costs is to make your own solar electric fence. This is an easy process and one that will help you to protect your home.

  • First you will need to find a fencing system that will do what you want it to do. If you are purchasing it to keep your pets inside and safe then find one that will work for this. Also determine whether or not you want the fence to be temporary or permanent.
  • After you have chosen the type of fence you want it is time to get a fence charger and other accessories that will help to make it work. Your local hardware store or farm store will help to show you what you will need and which brand to purchase.
  • Now that you have all your supplies you are ready to put it all together. Build end and corner posts and use a string that will run in between each of them. This will give you an idea of where the line posts will be. Set the line posts up and stretch the wire or the mesh around the perimeter. Make sure to attach the insulators and tensioners.
  • Place the solar electric fence charger at one end of the fence and onto a mounting surface that is sturdy. Wherever you put it make sure that it is receiving direct sunlight throughout the whole day and is facing south.
  • Next to the fence charger you will make a ground bed. Dig a shallow trench and place in it the number of ground rods that is needed for the installation. Attach the negative ends to the grounding rods and the positive to the fence.
  • Allow the fence to charge up in the direct sunlight for at least twenty-four hours before you will turn it on. Make sure to check the voltage on the fence on a regular basis and energize the fence. Use a tester to make sure it is safe.