How To Buy Solar Electric Fences

Many people will use a fence around their home or business as a way to define their property and to keep people from crossing into it. It is a way to keep our pets from escaping out into the street or into other people’s yard where they will cause mayhem. It is a way to keep criminals from coming in and vandalizing our business and stealing the money we have earned.

The first thing you need to know when you go out to get the fencing system is what you are wanting to use it for. This will help you to know how powerful it needs to be and how large you wish it to be.

Once you have chosen the type of fence that you wish to use it is time to pick out the solar electric fence charger. This is the solar panel that is used to power the fence and pass the electric current through it. Consider how large it needs to be and how many to use for the fence. Also consider where you will be placing it.

In order for it to receive the most amount of sunlight it needs to be in a place where you can easily run it from the fence and cover the entire perimeter. You will find these chargers at your nearest home department store or farm store. Bring a picture of the area where you wish to place it and take measurements of the whole thing. This will help them to know what you need.

The electric fence that you choose needs to have the right amount of power and shock to it. If it is being used to contain cattle then you need something powerful enough to penetrate their thick hide. If you are using it for a dog or cat then something less powerful is needed so you do not hurt them.

If you plan on placing the charger on a shelf or on the fence than try to find one that is not too heavy. Some of the most convenient to use are the ones that you are able to mount onto the side of the building.